About Us

Modern Strength is a fitness brand that wants to help lead people out of the obscure and incredulous ambiance that comes with exercising today. More than ever people have access to connect to each other which leads to many people being connected to unreliable and lousy information. There are a lot of people in the fitness industry who are out to make a quick buck and will do so by deceiving and lying to people. Unfortunately this has become the norm for most of the industry and people don't believe that exercising is as simple as it used to be.


Here at Modern Strength, we aim to bring you simple products that don't claim to have outrageous benefits or are the "key" to a certain goal. We would like to sell products that we believe only complement a healthy lifestyle. Currently Modern Strength is run by two brothers who are dedicated to health and all forms of fitness and are eager to expand our business in different fields. Our inventory is small which ensures that our products are made with care and will be great additions on your health journey. We hope that we can help as many people as we can reach their goal as we aim to reach ours as well.




Our products are made with quality and inspected and take longer to ship than what most people are used to today. Our average shipping times are 2-4 weeks depending on where you are in the world. 


EDIT-  Due to high demand some of our products have taken up to 5 weeks to reach their customers. We are doing our best to fulfill orders and ship as fast as we can. If you have any concerns or questions you can track your package or leave us a message on our Contact Us page. Thank you for your patience.